Why Couture is becoming more popular among women


“Couture”, or “Haute couture” as it’s originally known as, is namely fashion at its highest. In this article we will be looking at why it’s becoming more and more famous among women – and also dive a little in the meaning of the term itself. So – whether you are in a dilemma whether or not to try your hands at that new trend, or aren’t familiar with this word at all and are hearing it more and more often, read on.

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  1. What is Couture?


The term “Couture” derives from French – which you may have noticed it by now. “Haute couture”, which is the term in its entirety, means “High fashion”, from “haute” meaning “high” and “couture” – being engaged with fabrics and sewing. “Couture” is mainly associated with high quality fabrics and involves sewing the entire piece of clothing entirely by hand. It requires great imagination and focus on every detail, making it a somewhat of a niche market. But even though it’s deemed “elite”, it’s rapidly gaining more and more interest.

Furthermore, in order to be a couturier you need to be certified by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and follow a few special rules. There are only eleven couturiers and four correspondent members, thus making it an extremely elite form of fashion.


  1. Allows you to stand out of the crowd


That’s one of the main reasons couture is becoming more famous. Due to it not being simply a line of clothing, meaning it’s not standardized and every model is carefully sewn by hand, it allows you to truly have a suit that can express your personality in the best way possible. Standing out is easier, as the chances of somebody else appearing dressed the same way as you are quite low, as the model you’re wearing is created especially for you. The clothes are designed especially for private clients, and you should have loads of fittings throughout the process, in order to make your clothes emphasize you.


  1. Huge collections


Each season a new collection is presented by each couturier that contains at least thirty five models for day and night. This allows you to have a huge choice of clothes and styles that can compliment your looks on any time of the day. Furthermore, as it is associated with a certain season, it can definitely place you under the spotlight on many occasions.


  1. Symbol of high class


Appearing at an event in the clothes of a famous couturier, like, for example, Christian Dior, Franck Sorbier, Jean Paul Gaultier or Dominique Sirop is certain to guarantee you attention. Dressing this way is a symbol of belonging to a high class society and it can mean two things – first, you can afford it, and, more importantly, you are bold enough to express yourself.


  1. It is the true essence of fashion


According to the words of Galia Lahav, who was only recently invited to review her models in Paris, the methods, used in couture, such as the quality of the fabric and the quality of technique, are “the foundation of fashion; they are the roots”. And fashion has always been a form of art, of dream, even, where expression is key to everything.


  1. It is timeless


The techniques used in couture are, strictly speaking, archaic. Nowadays, when quantity is essential, the production is focused on standardizing and sewing everything up by a machine. This means that this is a form of fashion that can create a certain type of a hole in our time. By owning a piece of clothing by a couturier you have the chance to experience an element of an entire form of culture.


  1. Shows you have authentic taste


Nowadays having a taste for the “bizarre” (as couture is commonly thought of) is a symbol of your ability to perceive culture. While we’re being flooded with many one-time hits and trends, couture is way more than that – and if you show interest in it, this means that you are more experienced in a cultural way than most of your peers.


  1. It’s looking forward to the future


In point number six we talked about how couture is using somewhat archaic techniques to sew its designs. Well, there’s more to it than that – it is in fact looking forward to the future, as this form of fashion is setting the to-be trends after a few years.


  1. There are many people working on your clothes


When we speak of couture, we speak mainly of the designers and their imaginations – and often tend to forget that there are many people who stand by their side, day and night. We must always keep in mind that this is a product not of one person, but many more, which have devoted their lives to perfecting their craftsmanship – whether they are tailors, seamstresses or ateliers, there are so many people who have put in work so you could wear this amazing outfit of yours. Every model is like a child of theirs – therefore an extremely special and rare gift is bestowed to you. And this is a feeling that’s not easy to experience.

And there you have it. Many people seem to think that couture is dying along due to the standard low quality of fashion products. A lot of haute couture houses and designers have officially closed doors due to the lack of interest and ability to generate financial income. But recently this way of fashion is experiencing a form of rebirth, as many people have started to appreciate the true art of haute couture. Why not become one of them yourself?

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