Are you planning to achieve a toned body with the best shape but cannot afford the membership of the gym? Don’t worry we have got the ultimate weight loss workouts which you can perform at home. The home workouts are best when considering the convenience factor whether you have a busy schedule or you are a housewife with kids and hectic routine. These home workouts are perfect for all such people and now there is no way you can make an excuse regarding the workout regime.




You can start enjoying your old school days where you learned to jump over a rope. It is one of the cheapest, portable and highly effective tool which you can easily use at home. Try this speedy routine by Rosante

  • Start with a warm-up of light skipping for 3-4 minutes.
  • Perform 100 jumps with both the feet leaving the floor at the same time without any extra hops.
  • After finishing 100 jumps, a startup with further 100 jumps at a regular pace.
  • Repeat the above steps but keep this format in mind 50/50, 21/21, 15/15 and 9/9. If you can perform more, go back to 100/100.

Bear this in mind that do not perform skipping without wearing shoes as you might feel pain when you miss a skip according to Rosante.





If you have a busy routine and cannot go to the gym for a workout, then Tabata is the perfect high-intensity 4-minute program which comprises of 20 seconds of all efforts with rest for 10 seconds, repeating it 8 times according to Shanon Squires who works at Colorado University Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. For this 4-minute program, you need to spice up your heart rate and metabolism but avoid maintaining this specific time frame if you are planning on a weight loss program because your body adapts rapidly. Increase the intensity or volume of the program if you want it to be beneficial. You can extend the same session to 20 minutes if you want to lose weight. Pick 4 exercises like jump rope, mountain climbers, squat jumps and squats, perform each for 20 seconds in a rapid way. Rest for 10 seconds only in between the exercises. Now repeat eight sets of each move for four minutes then wait for 1 minute before you move onto the next move.




This workout is best for targeting the chest, core, and legs altogether. You can feel the bur in your body and it helps in building the lean muscles.

  • Stand with feet apart similar to shoulders and keep your arms on sides. Push the hips back, bending your knees and lower down as in a squat.
  • Place your arms on the floor in front of you shifting your weight on them. Now jump softly to land back on your feet similar to the plank posture.
  • Jump with feet forward and land outside your hands. Raise your hands and jump in the air.
  • Now lower your body in a squat posture when you attempt the next rep. complete all the 3 sets with repetition of 8-12 times.




This high-intensity workout is perfect for giving you sweats and losing the major calories.

Start by placing your feet together and hands placed on the hips. Step your right leg forward. Bend the right leg to 90-degree angle. Now jump up and switch the legs when in midair and end up with left leg lunging forward.

Repeat the exercise and switch sides after 1 minute. Complete all the 3 sets.





This is considered as the best exercise for losing weight at home. However, you need to perform them correctly, engaging the core and lower body.

Start with feet apart and arms placed on the sides or if you have weights hold them. Keep the weight over your heels and lower down the legs with arms raised in front of your body.

Keep the back straight with thighs lowered down and parallel to the floor. Keep the knees aligned with your toes at all times.

Maintain your stability and rise in a standing posture. Repeat it in 15 reps but of 3 sets.

Start exercising at home without making excuses and follow these best workouts for practice at home and lose weight. However, along with the exercises eat a balanced diet with a healthy routine to achieve the best results.




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