7 Must Have Korean Fashion Dresses


Beauty fanatics can get their fashion inspiration from the South Koreans as they have a vast fashion industry with endless inspiration for new fashion designs. Korean dresses are gaining popularity these days with their never-ending fashion ideas. We have selected the top 7 must-have Korean fashion dresses.


JUDO-STYLE Collection


If Rihanna endorses something then it is a huge huge thing. Hyein Seo, a new young Korean designer is making her mark in the women fashion wear by introducing the streetwear designs. This designer made her debut with the Judo-style collection at the London Fashion Week. You can shop her outfits at Shop Super Street, Far fetch or Nordstrom.

Lace-up Styles or Graphic Tees

The famous K-pop star, Kathleen Kye is considered as a buzz in the Korean fashion industry. She introduced the corseted sweatshirts with lace-up styles along with the graphic tees in lavender shades with pants having emoji’s on them which are famous in Korea. You can shop her designs on Nordstrom.

You can look a chic Korean badass or a fictional character with a graphic tee and a winged liner. You must have seen some Korean dramas or seasons on Netflix with girls wearing the graphic tees but how can you pair up a graphic tee in your daily routine. Wear the tee with a pink skirt, ankle length boots, and stockings with a woolen cap and look highly adorable.

Lovely Sweatshirts


Nohant, the fashion designer of a mixed collection of streetwear and collegiate prep has its specialty in forming the lovely/ lonely sweatshirts, casual style rugby-striped tees, check-style dusters over the denim, Universite de Nohant hoodies and the sweat suits which are topped with the varsity jackets. You can shop her pieces over the W Concept.

Distressed jeans and sweatshirts are the love for Koreans and you can confirm it from any Korean designer. The sweatshirts with the boot cut jeans are a perfect scene of the Korean fashion industry.

Shirt Dresses

Skirts and short shorts are really in all over the Korean fashion industry. However, the Koreans are not in the fashion of showing their cleavage like the West but they do like wearing the shirt dresses and short skirts. The Korean designers play with the patterns to make you look chic. In summers, you will see many Korean girls wearing the short shirt dresses, off shoulder dresses and short skirts. You can wear the shirt dresses with tinted eyeglasses and enjoy the Korean culture.

Winter Fashion

You can warm up yourself during the winters by buying the faux fur overcoat or an oversized jacket. Koreans have a firm belief in details regarding the beauty. Wear the winter jackets which have patterns, eclectic cuts or designs with the combat or knee-high boots to enter the Korean fashion industry. Choose jackets with geometric designs in blue or yellow color and enjoy your look.

Ruffled Skirts


Korean fashion is about the peach, pinkish and blush colored tones. Korean girls wear those colors which we might not think to wear. However, these colors are very outlandish and you might feel out of the world when you wear it on the streets. You can wear the ruffled skirts and walk around confidently looking like a chic ass.

Pleated Skirts And Oversized Sweaters

According to Western fashion, pleated skirts or peplum skirts and oversized sweaters mark the Western Fashion. The pleated skirts mark the flare for the females. It is an unusual experience for the Korean women to enjoy this combination and work-out for your style. You can carry a box clutch or a sling bag with this look and enjoy the chic look.

You can look a perfect fashionista by adopting these Korean dresses. You can buy the Korean dresses from fashion brands like Imvely, Sonyunara, 66 girls, Miamasvin, Naning 9 and others.

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