Top 6 Unique Halloween Costumes For Adults (women)


Halloween is the best time of year where we choose the best-seller costumes and look fancy, frightening, and cute or whatever theme you want to follow. Choosing the best Halloween costume is the toughest job. We have listed down the 6 unique Halloween costumes for adults this year.


  1. Skeleton Costume

This skeleton costume is perfect for Halloween parties with horrifying theme. It is a Cosplay costume with 3D printed long sleeves. It is available in the form of jumpsuit, catsuit or bodysuit. It has white skeleton printed with a black background. The costume features skinny and tight long sleeves, high neck, and zipper closure present on the back. It is available with various forms of skeletal prints and printed bones are either present on the arms, legs or front. It is a creepy outfit which you can easily wear to the ghoul or dead themed Halloween party and be confident to scare your friends and neighbors.

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  1. Rubie’s Queen Amidala Costume

Rubie's Queen Amidala Halloween Costume

The Amidala gown costume is perfect for women when planning for the Halloween parties. It is made from a good quality fabric i.e. polyester and polyurethane due to which it is easy to wear. This red dress has cuff bands with black hem. It has an oval printed design over the skirt. The hem is flared with wide sleeves and Velcro fastener present behind the neck. The Amidala costume has a foamed chest piece that has printed pattern.

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  1. Egyptian Goddess Costume

California Costumes Women's Egyptian Goddess Costume

It is a seductive, sexy dress with a sensual feeling. The Egyptian goddess is a perfect dress which radiates beauty and charm at the same time for the Halloween party. The costume comes with a beautiful dress, gem engraved collar, belt, gloves and headpiece. The gloves cover the arms completely. Many people purchase wig and sandal heels with the costume which are not included in the package.

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  1. Hooded Cloak Costume


This unique unisex cloak knight is thicker when compared to others and is made from velvet. It is a very soft material with great comfort. You can choose from 4 different size options which includes S, M, L, and XL according to your weight and height. It is ideal for vampire, witch or gothic theme. You can choose this cloak for Masquerade balls, Halloween party, Role Play or Cosplay party.

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  1. Star War Costume


This Rubie’s costume is available in all sizes and style. It is a perfect costume for a Halloween party with friends and family. Rubie’s company is licensed with Lucas films and Disney. It has been bringing new innovations in the costume industry since 1950. The star war costume is available in white color with a wig, belt, and a dress. The material of the dress is easy to wear. It is a perfect costume for cosplay, Halloween and different other occasions. White boots are not included with this costume.

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  1. Mrs Incredible Costume


It is a flexible costume which features the black and red stretch jumpsuit having a printed logo of “I” over the chest. The costume includes face mask, gloves with boot covers but shoes are not included. The superhero costume is available in all sizes with heroic look and a comfortable fit. It is a bonifide winner costume for this Halloween season. It is a super rare costume which strikes fear among your friends and neighbors.

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Choose the best Halloween costume from the unique and best seller costumes mentioned above and scare the hell out among your friends and neighbors.

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