7 Beautiful and Cheap Short Prom Dresses


As we see the end of semester nearing, the most common sight to be seen in shopping malls is girls going crazy to find the perfect prom dress. For most of the girls, the prom night is a very special event that commences their school life and gives them an opportunity to spend some fun time with their friends. To celebrate this night, girls hope to find the perfect dress in dreams of looking their absolute best. We decided to lend a helping hand by compiling a list of 7 prom dresses that are easy on the pocket and beautiful too.

  1. Elapsy Lace High Low Satin Dress

Elapsy Lace High Low Satin Prom Dress

This prom dress ticks all the checks of a perfect dress. The top bodice is made up of lace which gives a very delicate and intricate vibe. Girls who are stuck in between deciding whether to go for a short dress or a long one should opt for this one as its unique feature of short front and long back covers both designs.

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  1. Emerald Sundae Lace Illusion Dress

Emerald Sundae Lace Illusion Prom Dress

This dress comes with a halter neck which allows girls to flaunt their beauty bones, the design of the dress is what made it popular among girls. The mesh going across the dress in 3 different places exposes the skin just enough to make the person wearing it look stylish and trendy. It is also very inexpensive in the price range of less than $50, upon using the discount service.

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  1. ANGELA Women’s Off The Shoulder Short Dresses

ANGELA Women's Off The Shoulder Short Prom Dress

As the name suggests, this dress features the famous off the shoulder trend. The body is made up of lace cloth which then transforms into an off shoulder, giving a cutwork type of neck look. Available in more than 6 colors, it gives girls a long list of options to be able to choose from.

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  1. Tulle Lace Formal Dress

Tulle Lace Formal Dress

This is the most basic prom dress that is worn by many girls for many years. It features the basic net straps with heavy worked bodice and a plain tulle skirt. This simple dress looks very graceful as well as trendy. It is available in many colors and is less than $50 for girls who are on a budget.

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  1. LULUS Halter Neck dress

LULUSHalter Neck dress

Most girls look for intricate and graceful designing when looking for a prom dress. This LULUS halter neck dress is perfect as it features a lace cut design in the front and also in the back of the dress. Such design allows part of the skin to be showed which looks stylish and chic.

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  1. Dressystar Floral Lace Short Dress

Dressystar Floral Lace Short Prom Dress

This is also one of the very basic dresses in the history of prom dresses. Here, the whole dress is made up of lace fabric with a simple cloth lining underneath and a bow across the whole dress. It is available in more than 20 colors so that every girl can choose whichever color they prefer.

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  1. SPEECHLESS Cutout Dress


The designing element in this dress is what makes it so famous among the girls. The halter neckline includes 3 cut out shapes which catch the attention of the room. The bottom part of the dress is in the form of skirt which has prominent pleats going all around it. These pleats also help in keeping the skirt in one place.

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Make your prom event a memorable one by choosing one of the many beautiful dresses that we have selected for you.

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