Fingerprint Jewelry: Gifts that Count

It’s that time of year again… and this year every retailer is starting out early to capture the attention of the high-energy holiday-buying crowd. As Amazon continues its attempt to capture the market, there are niche products that simply can’t be bought in a general marketplace. Fingerprint jewelry is one of those rare products that can’t be obtained without the help of a skilled jeweler.

If you’re not familiar with fingerprint jewelry, consider this an introduction to one of the newest ways to combine lifetime memories with some of your finest jewelry.

This holiday season there are more online jewelers than ever before, so make sure to hook up with one that specializes in the fingerprint technique.

Here are a few gift ideas for your favorite friends, relatives and loved ones:



Charm resized.jpeg

Fingerprint charms can be a great gift for someone who has started a charm bracelet. Some fingerprint charms are even made to fit on a Pandora Mesh Charm Bangle, which has been popular for a few years now.  Available in several metals (sterling silver, gold, white gold, rose gold) just about anything can be imprinted, although fingerprints are the most common.

The imprints can be name-stamped, handwritten, or with a simple fingerprint, footprint or other-print. Fingerprint charms are typically available in a couple different sizes, such as mini and regular, as well as in different shapes (heart, square, round, oblong). They are so easy to customize.



Imagine yourself in a few years… the kids are adults, possibly with kids of their own. Why not create a beautiful keepsake that captures your partner’s fingerprint on a necklace. A unique keepsake, to wear close to your heart! Some jewelers offer a stunning range of fingerprint pendants along with a variety of chains in different lengths.


Tie Slides

For the man who has everything! A customized fingerprint tie slide is perfect for the man who has everything! It is truly a unique gift and will remain a special memento forever.


Pet’s Paw Print Dog Tags

Kitty and dogtag

These miniature replicas make perfect keepsakes for animal lovers of all kinds.  They are even a cute idea for your animal! Imprinting your pet’s paw print and name on the dog tag or charm will look adorable on your pet’s collar.


How About a Memento of your Child or Grandchild?

Dimplescharms 2 up

Do you have a favorite drawing or your child’s first handwriting you would like to treasure forever, well now you can! The imprinting technique enables you to preserve these memories forever, with the permanence of whichever precious metal you select. Create a unique heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation featuring your child’s own artwork.

Or, have your child draw something special for Mummy, Daddy, Grams or Granddad. It creates such beautiful sentiment. Your child’s handwriting or artwork will be reduced to size and transformed into a lovely keepsake.

Imprint your tot’s handprints into fine jewelry and get ready for inquiring minds and jealous stares.  This story will give you even more ideas; although you might want to have a tissue nearby it’s so sweet.

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