Western Wear For Women (Wiki)


Western wear refers to a certain category of clothing which has a unique style for both men and women. It derives its unique style from the clothes that were popularly worn in the wild west of the United States of America in the 19th century. Basically, a western can garments that have a western accents which are formally tailored or it may be informal with blue jeans and a t-shirt. However, for any style of clothing to fit as a western it should at least incorporate a leather boot, a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots.

Various fashion designers have really put into considerations women’s western wear for ladies out there in the world who would wish to embrace the western lifestyle by dressing up like a country girl. There are a variety of style from which ladies can choose from ranging from durable jeans to trendy tops and classic cowboy boots. They are also of very high quality and affordable and from these varieties of styles can help ladies to select different outfits that would ensure that they look absolutely stunning for different occasions. These designs may also include stylish western skirts that may be matched with a cute top or even add an extra flair to the casual outfit together with cowboy boots. This country clothing is perfect for wearing when ladies want or admire to feel like a country girl. Western styles have been designed to be durable and comfortable and are therefore the best outfits for ladies especially when they are out in the fields or working on the farm.



There are various types of women’s western wear that are a must have for ladies especially those who are diverse and open minded about fashion. These types of western wear may include:

  • Women’s cowboy boots

Women cowboy boots are normally referred to as cowgirl boots. There is a varied selection of high quality cow girl boots in the market and they are offered in diverse selection of styles. One most common style is the bold boot style which can be when performing various tasks such as yard work, horse riding and other jobs that require comfort and durability. The modern styles of boots can be found in different colors such as gray or black and white and have been designed to have casual kicks. These cowgirl boots are made from different materials such as suede leather and handmade calf skin. Women should really consider some factors when choosing the cowgirl boot that they want to acquire to ensure that they purchase a durable and a comfortable pair of boots. One such factor that should be put into consideration is the purpose that the boot is intended to serve. This factor largely determines the material and the style that one chooses. Another factor that should be considered is budget since different types of boots have different price tags.

  • Women’s jeans

Another western wear for women is the women’s jeans. Jeans is a type of trousers that is made from a cloth known as dungaree/ denim. Cowgirl jeans are perfectly designed for women for a night out or even horse riding. There is a variety of different types of jeans and can be found in various waist sizes too. Wearing a different style of jeans can completely change the look of an outfit. They can be comfortably worn by a modern cowgirl for various occasions such as hitting the dance floor, climbing the saddle or even riding a motor cycle.

  • Women’s western shirts and tops

The women’s western shirts offer the modern woman a variety of looks. The traditional western snap shirt is still up to date very popular. The women western tops are also gaining popularity and have been developed into various forms such as hoodies, peasant tops, pull-overs and many others. When women wear western shirts, it shows that she values the western style and also that she is proud of her country.

  • Women’s outerwear

This simply refers to clothing that is specifically designed so that it can comfortably be worn outside other clothing. This may include clothes such as jackets, coats, sweaters and vests. They are various types of outer wears mostly based on the materials that are used to make them.

  • Women’s accessories

Women accessories refers to that helps to make an outfit even more complete and are mostly chosen to complement the wearer’s look thus making them look more attractive and beautiful. Western wear for women may include things like cowgirl hat, belt buckles, purses, ball caps and many other accessories.

  • Women’s skirts, shorts and dresses

Although boots are generally worn together with a pair of jeans, some other clothes have proved that the can also be worn with boots and still maintain that stylish look. This includes clothes like shorts, skirts and dresses which are also another must have western wear for women.

Regardless of the type of women’s western wear that you have in your wardrobe, most of them can still be worn together and still produce that sense of pride to the unique western style of fashion.

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