Women’s March 2019 – Venue, Timing and Merchandise


Washington DC held a gathering of nearly four million people during early 2017. It was during the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump as the president that the nation witnessed its first Women’s March. It was a protest movement to express the non-acceptance of legislation and rhetoric for harming women. Huge sister marches had been mobilized across major cities of the country on the same day. It was the largest protest for a single day that the US had witnessed in history. Tamila Mallory stated the main aim of this movement was to confirm that everybody in the nation knew about the unhappiness of the nation’s women.

But it was not the end to Women’s March. A similar march was organized the next year on the same weekend. Though the focus during the march of 2018 was different, the continual effort of the women to mark a difference was something that none could neglect. The main focus of the Women’s March in 2018 was to run a campaign with the aim of registering and mobilizing the individuals of the nation to vote and the campaign was named as ‘Power to the Polls’. The focus of the march was to indulge more individuals to exercise their democratic rights and vote for what they consider to be suitable for them.

A couple of years have passed by since the initial protest and it is time for the Women’s March to make preparations for the third march across the nation. The focus of this march is to reenergize the individuals for resisting the actions and policies that affect the nation’s minority and women community. ‘Women’s March’ has come across a lot of ups and downs as an organization over the past years. Recently, it has been accused of Anti-Semitism. But the organization has denied as well as apologized for the purpose. It has caused in the cancellation of the official Chicago March in 2019. But that is not going to stop them and they are planning to bring back the main event to its home, Washington DC.


The next Women’s March – When is it?


The date for the main Women’s March this year has been fixed on 19th January 2019, Saturday. Though the march is expected to step off at 11.00 AM, people will be starting to gather around since 10.00 AM. The rally is supposed to start at 1.30 PM and would run until 4.00 PM. The organization is working towards the aim of increasing the March access to those who have disabilities. The organization even attends requests for accommodation. If you are planning to attend the march, you can contact them beforehand.

You need to check on for more information if you plan to attend a sister march to confirm if it is being held on 19th January 2019 or not.


Where is the Women’s March 2019?


The main event of the Woman’s March is scheduled to take place at Washington DC’s National Mall. The gathering of the protestors is expected to be built up amidst the 12th and 3rd Street and continue the rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Constitution Gardens has been chosen for setting up a support station that will have water stations, medic stations, porta-potties, heating tents and tents for people to meet up if they get lost.


Things you need to bring to attend the Women’s March


Depending on the time of the protest, it is expected for the protestors to dress up warm clothes. They can check on the weather to be extra sure before heading out for the march. The protests are going to run for long periods of times with rallies, speeches, and marches scheduled in between. If you want to keep up the energy throughout the day, you must ensure carrying some food along with a water bottle that can be reused. Also, you are expected to be on your feet for maximum part of the event. A comfortable pair of shoes is thus a must.

The protesters have been captured in colorful photographs during the first march. The emphasis was on those protesters who were found to carry clever and creative posters. If you are planning to create and bring a sign, you must not forget that you will have to carry it for some time. So you must consider its size and shape to avoid issues during the march.


What is the date of Women’s March in other cities?


New York City, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, Cleveland, and Oahu have also scheduled the march on the same dates although the start and end times may vary for the different cities. You can find out the specific times for the Women’s March specific to the cities on the web. This will help you to be more prepared for the protests you are going to attend.

The Women’s March has been one of the best moves by the residents to express how they feel in their country. This step has earned a lot of popularity in the past years and is expected to grow even stronger in the coming years. If you have participated in any of the past marches, you know what to expect. If you are still new to this, you must take some time out to attend the Women’s March this year.


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