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Last year I had to deliver my valentine’s gift two days later because I could not settle on any item. Of course, I had to deal with the “how could you forget!” I can assure you it’s nothing you want to experience. It can cost you a lot more than an attitude that you can explain away.

Here are some great ideas to get you started.


  1. Sterling Silver Ring with Engraved Message

Sterling Silver Ring with Engraved Message

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You can custom each of the rings either on the inside or outside. It is a pleasant surprise on this big day. 925 sterling silver is incredible. Obviously, the gift should be a pair. By the time you consider this, you should be having an idea of your partner’s preference. The rings are available in different sizes. It is actually for the order because you have to customize with a message.


  1. Japa Mala


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Yoga has healing properties both on physical and emotional perspectives. In a world full of pressure and uncontainable stress, this can be a considerate gift on this special day. It is not only for the therapeutic exercise but also for cosmetic value. It is a combination of multiple stones and beads that are associated with different meanings and impact on people.


  1. LUUNA: Smart Real-Time Music Creating Sleep Mask


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Don’t be confused by the word music to think it is an entertainment accessory. It is a sleep mask that helps one to slow down gradually and fall asleep. The mask is designed to help with picking up biological patterns and relay them to your ears hence brain. This helps to align the brain with sleep; all pending activities are halted after few minutes while wearing the mask.


  1. Faux Fur Shawl

Faux Fur Shawl

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Depending on your friend’s location, some winters can be unbearable. Cold can be extremely high to the temptation of compromising on style. The shawl is a considerate gift for a friend, especially in the upcoming love season. It shows care and concern, which is the whole essence of a gift in this season. It is all about keeping your friend warm when the temperatures get too low.


  1. SODA Ankle Boots

SODA Ankle Boots

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Knee high or mid-calf boots are all focusing on the leg. While too low will be ordinary shoes, you have a chance to be more creative with buying ankle boots for a gift. Find a classic style with an appropriate heel depending on your friend’s preferences and throw the surprise. Find classy fabric and color. Ankle boots are a trend in women’s fashion. You can’t go wrong with this.


  1. Beenie Cap with Pompon

beenie cap with pompom

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The cap is designed for more than function, it is for the style. Your treasured friend will definitely find out how to blend it with a hairstyle. The cap is available in multiple colors and fabrics as well as designs. It completely changes the face because of the design on the back. The beanie cap should be a must for every lady.


  1. Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

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This is a well thought gift. You probably bought an expensive jewelry last year at the same time. Chain is the easiest gift to think of with a special friend. But where to keep them is equally important. The box helps in organizing jewelry for easy choice in the morning. It is also a safety measure. Jewelry ranges widely; it can occupy big space and seem messy. It is a great gift idea.


  1. Choker necklace

choker necklace

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Necklaces are irreplaceable in the cosmetic industry. In fact, going out without one seems weird. Some people have to do it every time lest they feel less confident throughout the day. There is no limit to the number of necklaces you can buy as gifts. It is about making a gesture but you should attach an emotion a gift in such a season otherwise it might be disappointing.


  1. Makeup brushes set

makeup brush set

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Applying makeup is a daily affair (you didn’t know?) Don’t shop for long to find other items that will distract you from makeup brush. It will be a good idea to table such a gift on this big day. Consider going for a set with similar markings. A set is more effective because the one applying won’t have to deal with lost brushes early in the morning.


  1. Essential oil diffuser with 3D light Effect

Essential oil diffuser

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Help your friend find out about the magic in lighting. While natural light is the best for photography, the 3D experience is incomparable. The light effects and diffuser will light up the day for your special someone. When buying this gift, be sure the essential oil diffuser matches with your friend’s preferences on color and smell. It can make a good valentine gift.


  1. Laneige Sleep and Glow Set

Laneige Sleep and Glow Set

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It is a moisture recharging gift; with this, you will be taking care of your friend both on cosmetics and health. The set includes a lip sleeping mask, water sleeping mask, and water bank moisture cream. It is a magical set. It creates a night full of sensation and happiness because the whole body is properly hydrated. No sleep distractions all through the night.


  1. Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

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Buying this as a gift is not hoping for neck pains and muscle inflexibility. Nevertheless, these are the primary functions; relaxes muscles at the back of the neck. It is an automatic device that turns every minute hence uniform massage. It emits heat for a more soothing massage effect. It can also help with the abdomen, lower, and upper back. The massager can also relax thigh muscles.


  1. Nine West Floral Rose Goldtone Watch

Nine West Floral Rose Goldtone Watch

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Gold-tone watch is a well-thought gift. It is not only a functional item but also enhances style and appearance. Typically, a wristwatch depicts confidence and organized individual. However, nothing comes close to a Gold-tone. The first impression of the gold watch is class, which is true. The essence is to appreciate the quality and class of the watch. It is a popular gift you should consider in 2019.


  1. Eyeshadow Palette

NAKED3 Eyeshadow Palette

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The eyeshadow is unique because of the package. The partitions in the set are distinct and easy to identify any color. Also, you can easily compare a color you intend to use by simply checking it with your body. An eyeshadow palette is never easy to remember and buy unless it gets lost or tattered. Most women are using a palette bought several years ago. It will be a pleasant surprise.


  1. FRESH Sugar Lip Mile-High Club

Sugar Lip Mile-High Club

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Sugar lip is not as literal as it sounds. The essence of this beauty product is to scrub away the undesired lips and help in building soft and attractive ones. Lip gloss may have been working for you but not for so long; the smoothness of a lip is sensual. This is what you should be looking at when considering it as a gift. It often available in two colors; sheer pink and clear.


  1. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants

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Just like you don’t go to the office with the same decent look at home but you can’t be in a tie and white shirt while on a weekend at home. Yoga is the best way to relax not only the muscles but also the mind and emotions. It is easy to gift Yoga pants because estimating the size and length of the person wouldn’t be difficult. Find a good design that will streamline your friend’s body to mark the date.


  1. Kate Spade New York Cameron Street Candace Satchel Bag

kate spade new york Cameron Street Candace Satchel Bag

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It is scratch resistant and light. The tough fabric makes it easy to use regularly as well as easy to clean. In fact, cleaning is mere wiping to take care of the dust. It involves little or no work. Durability and style also distinguishing characteristic of the handbag. The handbag adapts to color changes every time. Handbags are taking over the woman’s cosmetic value.


  1. Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

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Drinking wine should never be boring. I bet this is the motivation from the cake cutting MC that should be also cut out. On a recent launch of our products, some critics sounded unsure about the top slanting design. Even with the over-cautiousness, the wine never disappoints. The most recent model has a large base for ultimate support. With the right tools, you will not be able to drive.


  1. Coffee Mug Warmer

coffee mug warmer

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Gifting based on new technology is a new twist. If your friend works from home or likes the idea, this is a great option. Mug warmer is not only convenient but also fast. The coffee warmer does the magic in few seconds. No need of starting a fire because everything will be handled after service.


  1. Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

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The security feature of the bag will come later after your recipient has had more than enough fun. The backpack is a universal item that applies to everyone irrespective of age, gender, or profession. If you think it is too much, think of it like Thanksgiving, it is about the positive side of life. A backpack is a necessity in the world today.


  1. Smart Speaker with Alexa

Smart Speaker with Alexa

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The mobility of a speaker has evolved over time. All you need to do to enjoy all features of this speaker is begin making use to the distance and network limits. Instruct Alexa to read the news, play music, and set alarms without typing anywhere. It can easily call or send a text without your knowledge. It is loud enough to cover the whole room. With this speaker, you can monitor thermostats, turn off lights or even lock doors.


  1. Turkish Handmade Ring

Turkish Handmade Ring

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A ring is not only about the steel or gold. After evaluating all aspects of a ring and what a roommate. The attractive aspect of this gift is the unique ring. The pear cut has significant value; the middle reflects. Only a few people know how to read the jewelry at the deter.


  1. Wireless Earphones

Wireless Earbuds

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Everyone has an earphone with the wireless feature and so you have to offer something more. The design of this product will make you think twice before drying across. Airing and magnetic charging is the only challenge with the tool. However, you can protect it further other than compromising on the quality of a song.


  1. Fitbit Fitness band

Fitbit-Charge 3

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One of the biggest concerns we are dealing with across the world is obesity or increased weight. Sending someone this as a gift would be more interesting if you know how to pull it off because it is about losing weight. Fitness band keeps your body slim.


  1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

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Hair drying in 5 minutes without any pain or extra person. It is insulated and fast for all cosmetic functions.

Most rare and beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for your Girlfriend


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If you have read this whole article, then here is a bonus gifting idea that you won’t find anywhere else. I am very sure that you won’t find this thing anywhere near you. It’s so rare that it is found only in Gomti River (India). The best thing is that it is not very expensive. Moreover, it is available on Amazon. All you have to do is to buy this Gomti Chakra and ask a Jeweller to make a beautiful ring with it. You can ask him to take reference of the picture shown above.

You have all the chances to impress your Girlfriend this coming Valentine’s Day. Do not wait! Plan a gift for her right now before it’s too late.

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