Best way to remove sewn-in hair extensions – Takedown Tool-E


Hair extensions are an amazing solution for fine and short hair. They not only extend the hair but also provide a voluminous texture. To avoid the inconvenience of using extensions daily, a simple solution was found, which is known as sewn-in hair extensions. The problem with these sewn-in hair extensions is the difficulty involved in removing it.

Whether you’re removing your weave patterns from your home or having them removed by a stylist in the studio, you’re probably expecting a new alternative and a time saver innovation.

Introducing Takedown Tool-E – the most effective tool for removing sewn-in hair extensions by A’Mera Frieman and Friedom Innovation, The First and Only Easy and Safe Way to Remove Sewn-in Hair Extensions.


What is Takedown Tool-E?

The Takedown Tool-E is an innovative pocket device made of plastic and mounted steel, which allows the safe and effective removal of hair extensions. The Takedown Tool-E tool helps the user to quickly remove extensions with his unique C-shaped cut curve. A’Mera Frieman had this concept when she saw a video about nature with a hawk’s beak.


About the Takedown Tool-E

The ease of use of Takedown Tool-E not only saves time but also helps you to avoid the cost of paying hair stylist to take down your hair for you. The effective safety features of Tool-E help prevent scalp damage and cut off the thread or capillaries smoothly and quickly without damaging the real hair.

Extension wearers also save money because expensive hair bundles can be reused. The invention is new, revolutionary and profitable. The Takedown Tool-E eliminates the risk of cuts from razor blades or scissors or hair loss.


About Frieman and Friedom innovation

Friedom Innovation is a collective innovation that brings ideas to life through efficient, high-quality consumer products and beauty products, giving their customers the freedom they need every day. The Frieman mission is to build lasting relationships with their customers by exceeding their expectations with the exceptional quality of innovative and effective products that add value and comfort in everyday life.


Benefits of Takedown Tool E

  • Takedown Tool E has already replaced the old-fashioned process to provide a well-organized and cost-effective method of hair removal. In addition, you can save time, as we all know that removing extensions requires a lot of time and efforts, especially if you do it manually.
  • Another benefit is cost-effective because you no longer need the help of your hairdresser to remove these extensions. In addition, you no longer need to visit your favorite salon and spend too much money on hair-extension removal.
  • Another advantage of this tool is the security aspect. This tool helps you avoid damaging the hair, as you can quickly remove the extensions without pulling too much hair and without damaging the scalp or the damage caused by the loss and cutting of your hair with scissors and razors.
  • The benefits of Takedown Tool E have made their success possible in many ways. It can certainly be used by professionals, hairdressers, fashion stylists or even a normal woman who always wanted to try to change her hairstyle.


Benefits of donating to the project Takedown-E

For people who donate, there are a number of incentives. If you promise the following amounts, you will receive the rewards mentioned at the end of the project. Here are some incentives for donors:

  • If you donate $ 5, you will receive a thank you card from the company.
  • If you donate $ 12, you will get a hair removal device with a 40% discount off the original price.
  • If you donate $ 14, you will receive an additional 35% off the pre-registration fee.
  • If you donate $ 24, you will receive two free Takedown Hair Extensions removal tools.
  • If you donate $ 36, you have three free removal tools.
  • If you donate $ 69, you’ll receive half a dozen free tools.
  • If you donate $ 139, you will receive a package for removing hair extensions (12 pieces) and so on.

All these gifts will be sent in April. Because these items are shipped worldwide, you can donate money from around the world to receive the products listed above.

This is a perfect offer for people who want to use the tool for themselves and for those who run a salon. You will receive the tool at a reduced price and with an additional obligation.

If you want to change your hairstyle, your cut, your color or even the length of your hair, this is a better way to change your look this year. The product is Easy to handle, profitable, time effective and you really save money. Order your Takedown Tool E now and have fun changing your hairstyle whenever you want.

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